How to update to rc2?

can I update to rc2 in osmc settings by downloading updates or have I got to do a fresh install or is there another way thanks ?

Just go to “My OSMC” updates and run manual scan if yo are not presented with the update. All will go automatically just be patient download is around 100M and install will take upto 20 minutes.

IMPORTANT: This is based on the assumption you are on RC1

You can upgrade from My OSMC


Is there a way to trigger this update from the shell via ssh?

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Interesting… how i can found if my Pi2 it’s already upgraded ??

And inside how i can set the username and password for SSH connection for use the Sudo from (putty.exe i thinks) my PC ?

I have found… osmc osmc for user and password… and i have run the apt-get command from putty suggested above.

During the procedure i have obtain some suggestion to use “apt-get autoremove”… i can do or it’s better no ?

After my Pi2 has finished… how i can reboot my Pi2 from putty/ssh connection ?

autoremove is fine… reboot command is

sudo reboot

Teaching basic linux skills is a bit outside the scope of this forum though. I have compiled some relevant links that should be helpful to you here though

Yeah… i have also used ubuntu some month ago for maintaint a Dedicated Server for a Online Games.

Ah… on OSMC System Info i can continue to report the system build dated to 9 Apr 2015… but if it’s been upgraded by sudo apt-get command this value because it’s not changed ?