How to upgrade from Pi3 (2020.11) to Pi4 (2021.08)

Whats the best way to upgrade my PI3 based installation (OSMC 2020.11-1) to PI4 with minimal manual configuration. Data is stored in an external mySQL Databse.

Well, a fresh Install at PI of 2021.08 and restoring a backup of the old PIs OSMC installation does not work :-(. After retoring the backup only “Einstellungen” (Configuration I assume in english version is visible. Not real usage is possible.

So I assume ther’s a “better” way.
Should I upgrade my PI3 to 2021.08, make a backup and restore this backup at PI4 ?
Or …

Please advise.
I would prefer not to enter the complete configuration (Database, wakeup of NASes, Playlists …) from scratch.


You should update the Pi 3 to 2021.08 first.