How to use XBOX One Remote on Pi2


i installed the TSOP4838 to the Pi 2.
Now i saw in the myOSMC Setup , that there is the Option “Remotes” -> “xbox-one-lircd” , when i click on it i have to confirm something.

Should my remote work now ?
Or how do i activate the Remote?

Anything else i have to do ?

I think the controller uses RF, not IR.

Games controller support isn’t possible with Kodi yet, but should work in the next version.

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No i have the xbox one Remote. This one uses IR

You mean the media remote rather than the normal controller?

Check that ‘Enable support for GPIO remotes’ is on.
Check your pin wiring as well.


Where should i Check that?


How did you wire the receiver? Did you use a guide and which one?