Howto change LIRCD init options?

How to run osmc included lircd with option --listen to accept TCP requests
and without option --uinput, to disable event forwarding ?

if i understand correctly, lircd is running from this script:
i tried to modify it, but after reboot he returned to its original state…

Did you figure this out?
I have the same problem

/lib/udev/lircd_helper is what creates that script.

You need to edit the helper

That’s right, but this file (/lib/udev/lircd_helper) also could be regenerated when osmc update comes…

i think about additional script that will restart lircd with my own configuration

We want to move LIRC options to another file and source them.

it would be great!
when you plan to do an update?

I’m proposing this as a potential solution, rather than saying it’s something we will definitely get done.

+1 on the external opttions file

But in the mean time, I think the helper has only been changed once or twice in like 3 years and it’s a 2 second fix (if you remember where it is! I keep a copy in my home dir so I can refind it)

without option --uinput

That can be achieved by editing udev rule in /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/98-lircd.rules as follows (note the last line that was added):

SUBSYSTEM=="lirc", \
  ENV{lircd_driver}="default", \
  ENV{lircd_conf}="/etc/lirc/lircd.conf", \

This is quite an old post.

This will work – but will be overwritten by future updates.

Can you clarify why you are making this change?


Can you clarify why you are making this change?

Hello Sam and thank you for your reaction. The reason I am looking into the guts of LIRC is that my recent OSMC update broke it and I am still trying to figure out how to make it work (more on the topic is at Confusion regarding LIRC configuration). Later I found out that omitting --uinput did not really improve things for me but as I found the question here I thought I just might share it.

We changed how LIRC worked a couple of years ago – and uinput change shouldn’t be necessary anymore.

I’ll follow up on other thread.