[HowTo] RetroPie and OSMC: Retrosmc - Retrogaming on OSMC

Anybody up for a test? Please send me a pm.
I want to confirm that it works before making it public this time.
Be warned, there could still be some bugs…

You’ll need a raspberry pi 2 and not to be afraid of reinstalling your system if something goes wrong.

Hi there.
I’m up for a test. I have my current setup as an image so not bothered if anything goes wrong. I’m current using your script with snes, mame and ps1 roms.

Mcobit thank you for your work on retrosmc, please i’m up for a test too, please I am proud to collaborate on this project, although my knowledge of linux are low

I use your script with mame, n64, ps1, snes and my beloved msx

Sorry jboy… Ive SOLVED this one.

You just need to use xboxdrv as a daemon to emulate a keyboard for OSMC as you will find via a google search. then alter the retropie.sh script to stop the daemon, copy a new config file that supports retropie (as seen on this forum) and restart the daemon.

It really is simple one you have the two configs sorted.

Im happy to post my scripts but they are “hacked” and not quite as dynamic as they should be.

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The RPI 2 version seems to work for everybody who already tested. Now preparing the RPI 1 version.

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Hi @mcobit
Thanks for this nice How-To.

Just few questions :

Right now, only retroarch emulators will work, the others are deactivated, but I will try to add them when I find the time

This is still up to date ?
Can you add a list of supported consoles ?

Cross out where not applicable :
Atari 2600, NES, Game Boy, Game Boy color, Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo, Master System, Megadrive (Genesis), FBA, iMame4all, PCEngine, MSX1/2, PSX, SegaCD, Sega 32x, Sega SG1000, Famicom Disk System.

This has an uninstallation option in the menu. It will remove the whole package if you don’t want to have it anymore,
but it will also remove any ROMS, BIOS, savefiles or configurationfiles you may have added or altered. So please make a backup of those if you want to use them later!

This is really clean after ? It will remove all installed packages too ? (dependencies install especially during this setup)

Thanks for answer

There will be a new version in the next days that will have a full retropie installation with all the emulators supplied by the retropie 3.0 SD image.

This will be completely removable as it uses a kind of “system in system” approach wich only occupies one folder.
There are three small packages that need to be installed to the main system. Everything else doesn’t alter the osmc system at all.

Please be a bit patient we are in private testing right now.

Thanks for your answer, I will wait. May be a future app store package :smiley:

I don’t think it will be in the appstore as people wanted to be able to install it to external drives because of the size.

Apt might go crazy if it cannot maintain the package because the drive is removed or something.
Also this is not an official thing from the osmc devs.

Edit: Also it will not run on a Vero…

Just added rpi 1 support. If anyone with a Pi 1 wants to join the test, please send me a pm.

Hey !

@mcobit Great job !

very interrested in this addon !

new version in the next days

Is it available ?


Wow… He said “days” only 20 hours ago! Have some patience man!

New version released!

Read the WHOLE first post again!
You NEED to unistall your old version first before updating. So save your roms and BIOS files!

New features:

  • New chroot approach
  • Raspberry Pi 1 support
  • complete RetroPie image

Thanks to all testers!

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where do I add roms files to guys ? trying to add roms files in network-osmc-retropie-roms and everytime I click o a game it goes into back to kodi for a few seconds then back to emustation ???

What system? Rpi 1 or 2?
Where did you install it to?

Normally you can copy the roms into /home/osmc/RetroPie/roms/systemname

Those are linked to the location you installed it to.

@mcobit rpi 2 m8 that’s where I have copied them to but when I click the game it goes into kodi or like a stars all around you like traveling through a star field lol ??? don’t know where I installed it I just copied and pasted instructions into putty lol ??? I done /home/osmc/retropie /roms though network on my laptop is this correct ??

Should be ok. As the roms show up in emulationstation, it should be good.

Strange that you see kodi while starting a game. It should be closed when emulationstation runs.

Can you try restarting your pi?

@mcobit still the same mate when I click a game it goes into kodi for a few seconds then back to emustation ??

What game system are the games for?

@mcobit snes and megadrive mate ?