HP MCE Remote stops working with January update

Remote was working fine until I applied this update.

grab-logs -A output

Any ideas?

Ignore, got it working. Had to go into My OSMC and re-select the remote profile.

I seem to have the same problem. After the update, no commands get through.

Would you mind telling me how to re-select the remote profile from ssh?


same problem here with a logitech harmony (:grimacing:

but solved by selecting back the IR remote control :smile:


I had the same issue. I used the IOS kodi remote app to run My OSMC and reselect the correct remote.

I plugged in a bluetooth keyboard and navigated using it to run My OSMC. Not sure how to do it through ssh.

Via ssh you need to change the link at /etc/lirc/lircd.conf to point to the wanted conf file. With WinSCP you can right click it and choose “Edit Link”

I went with the iOS app approach. I see via ssh that the link was modified. Back up and running,

Thanks for the help.