I can't fast scroll after Update (Closed !)

Hey, I got a Pi 2 with the newest OSMC Update(When I hit manual update, it says “There is no newer version”), it is hooked up to Samsung TV. I use my regular Samsung TV Remote.

Before the last update 3-5 days ago, I was able to scroll through my movies, by holding down the arrow key on my remote. It scrolled “fast”. Now when I hold down the arrow button the TV recognizes the inputs(by the red flashing light), but it scrolls one time and after that it stops.

I know I can right arrow and then scroll with the “scrollbar”, but this isn’t intuitive for me, and me girlfriend.

Is there any possibility to fix this?

I don’t want to use another remote or anything similar.



I restarted the Pi several times and turned on and off the RC6 and Samsung remote config. After the 5th time or so it worked.

Please close this Thread