I can't get Dolby Digital in addons


Before the beating about the head and shoulders begins, I recognize that there is no support for certain add-ons. I accept that, and I understand why. However, in the interest of this post and the problem I am having, lets say I am mentioning (only mentioning - not using) those add-ons as an example since I don’t know what other add-ons to use for an example of the problem I am having. On to the problem…

On videos that I have in my library that are encoded with Dolby Digital and other multichannel formats, I absolutely am getting surround sound. However, in add-ons, not necessarily the ones I’m talking about above, but not mutually exclusive of them either, I only ever get 2 channel audio. Anyone have any ideas as to why?



Are you certain the the file contains Dolby Digital or DTS?

If the problem is with banned addons, address the problem with the developers of the banned addons.
Discussing these addons “hypothetically” is also against the rules and terms of this forum.