I can't see if I saw an episode with my nas

Hi guys !

I’m using osmc on the raspberry pi 2.

When I saw an episode with my external dd, osmc mark the episode. Even when the episode is not finished, so I can always know what is the next episode I must see. It is very helpful.

Now, I see my episode from the nas and osmc do not mark me what episode I saw…

That is annoying.

Could you please help me ? Thanks very much !

[quote=“Bobo81, post:1, topic:10681”]
When I saw an episode with my external dd
[/quote] - this doesn’t still happen?
Is your NAS not the external dd?
What changes have happened in the intervening time?
What versions of OSMC are we talking about here?


I’m using the last version of osmc.

I have one external dd and one NAS.

Nothing changed when I saw from ext. dd or nas.

The problem is with my nas.

You have not the same problem with your nas?



Still need help guys !

Thanks !

I don’t know where the marker(s) for the progress and ‘watched’ status are held - I’d guess that they are in the databases because, if I watch from a local usb stick, and then look with the identical version of OSMC but a different installation, then the status isn’t shown as marked.

OK Derek ! Thanks very much for your time and answers.


Hi guys,

I found myself the solution.

Just use Smb instead of Upnp and there will have no problem !