I can't select my wifi from the list

I have a new Raspberry Pi 3, Kodi 16.1 and I am trying to connect to my router with wifi.
I see my SSID in the networks available list but when I click on it nothing happens.
If I click on another network, no problem, I am asked to enter the password.
But with my own network, I can’t click on it, it ignores me.
Also I added an external wifi dongle because the built in was weak and didn’t see my SSID.
I can connect it with a network cable and it works, but I need it in a second floor via wifi.

Usual suspect in those cases is a special character either in the SSID or in the wifi’s password. Try sticking to standard ASCII azAZ09 for both of them. I know the question sounds stupid, but just to make sure: You wifi’s SSID is broadcast and is not hidden/suppressed, right?