I could do with some CEC help, can't get TV remote working for the life of me :-(

Heya guys, bit of a boring post :frowning: but im having no luck at all trying to get my Samsung TV remote controlling OSMC.

It’s a 42" LCD.

I’ve run through the steps in your guide, holding various buttons for ~1sec while the timer bar decreases, but after that, it won’t work. A restart does nothing either.

The instructions are a bit ambiguous; are we supposed to CONFIRM after our inputting or are we supposed to let the timer time-out?

Having said these things, I’m only assuming my TV supports CEC… is there a site anywhere with details of which TVs have CEC support?

Kind regards, and thanks for reading.
(Id love to get this working so I can save my phones WiFi! - currently using the Kore android app).

The remote section in MyOSMC isn’t relevant or needed for CEC remotes, so you don’t have to do anything there.

On Samsung TV’s CEC is called Anynet+ so just go into the menus (Tools menu on my Samsung) and enable Anynet+ and it should connect and start working.

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also look on the tv remote for a key Anynet+, if there is one. newer samsung tv’s lack this button from the remote and Anynet+ is accessible only from menu.

press on it and on the menu enable it then choose the port rpi is connected.

Thanks guys, that sorted it !