I dont have an HDMI display. Need help getting started

Hi everyone,

edit: never mind the 4 blinks on the green LED, I just redownloaded OSMC and it’s gone.

This is my first experience using a Pi and I’m using a Pi2. I’d like to set up OSMC on an older tv that only has RCA output. My computer monitor’s HDMI port is broken, so my only possible monitor is the tv.

I’ve ordered this cable that should allow me to output to 3.5mm : HDB15/F to HDB15/F Mini Gender Changer Adapter - Free shipping - DealExtreme

I’m installed OSMC to the Pi and powered it on, but all I get are weird moving colors on the TV (white and pink). It doesnt matter which cable (yellow, white, red) I plug into my yellow RCA input.

My question: is analog output switched on by default, and if not how can I turn on a headless display?
edit : I can access OSMC through SSH.
edit: I am using a 2A USB power supply.
edit: I’ve attached a picture of the weird colors on my TV. I get them whenever I connect one of the 3 composite cable to theyellow video input of the tv…


What country are you in, and what TV standard do you use there ?

That cable may not work for you as some camcorders use incompatible wiring. See the following chart:

Sometimes you can get it to work by swapping one of the audio cables with the video cable.

You may also need to manually configure your TV standard in config.txt:


Thanks for replying.
I went and bought a different cable and that one works.
Looks like I shouldnt have trusted the first comment on dealextreme that said it was useful with the pi. There are 2 news ones, both saying the cable doesnt work with the pi.


now, to get airplay working with video.