I love my Vero 4K


Switched from my RPi3 to the Vero 4K and am having a blast.
Spent quite a few hours setting it up to all my needs, but now she plays everything I throw at her.
Only one small issue on zooming 4k videos which make everything including OSD go beserk, but I’ll do some forum reading first before starting a new thread on this.

Thanks for this wonderful device!


We love posts like this!

Thanks for the kind words and let us know if we can help!

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Can concur. The only thing keeping it from it being 10/10 is a minor issue with the hardware codec (I already addressed this in an other topic). Other than that slight nag it does everything I want it to do with ease and complements my new OLED TV nicely.

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Thank you for your kind words as well.

We’re working on a variety of video improvements. If you experience problems
after this, just ping me and I’ll look in to it for you



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