I messed the startup configuration [SOLVED]

I made a script to force osmc to launch a webradio at startup.
Something like:

"xbmc-send -a “ActivateWindow(Videos,addons://sources/video/)”
xbmc-send -a “Action(Down)”
xbmc-send -a “Action(Select)”


Then I put the script under /root/myscripts

Then I activated it in a way I don’t remember :frowning2:

Now I would like to remove it. I already deleted the script but, I am really surprised, at startup osmc still executes it. I should have copied somewhere else, but I can’t remember where!

rc.local is empty.

Where else can I search for startup scripts? I already “grepped” / to search the cursed script but I can’t find it. Is there a log where I can see what has been executed at startup?


Solved. There was a copy in


I’ve removed it.