I think I burnt my Vero 2 :(

Hi all!

My hard drive power adapter outputs 10V and fits perfectly into the Vero 2’s plug.
I think I plugged my Vero once on it and something burnt (typical smell of burnt electronics goes off)… :frowning: :frowning:
And now my Vero 2 does not power on… it only shows a dimmed and unstable blue LED.

Does the Vero have some type of protection (fuse, etc) so that I can fix it, or should I simply throw it and buy a new one?

Thank you!

If it smelled bad then I think it’s toast I’m afraid. If there was protection (I don’t know if there is or not) then it would have blown/triggered and you wouldn’t have had the smell.

It does seem like the device has been ‘cooked’ unfortunately, particularly if it smells odd and there’s no sign of life from it.

There is some filtering and a fuse to prevent accidental overpowering, but its success can be limited; it sounds in your instance that the device may be dead.


Thanks Sam, I feared so…

I’m not an expert on this, but wouldn’t it be possible to put a better protection circuitry?
It’s “only” twice the voltage :blush:

Anyway, I’ll order my second Vero 2 :slight_smile:

What amperage was the plug that you used?


Hi again Sam,

The plug is actually 12V and 1.5A.
It’s from the HDD I have with the Vero.

The 12V will have been what did it.

This happened to a user recently as well. I think in future it may be an idea to make both the adapter, and the barrel port red or another bright colour so they are easily matched.

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A tvs diode in parallel with the input could also help and wouldn’t add a lot of cost.
On overvoltage it will just short the powersupply to ground what will trigger it’s short circuit protection.

Many HDDs have those. A friend of mine blew his external HDD by powering the 12V HDD with his 19V Notebook powersupply.
After exchaning it, it was alive again.

Something like the diode was what I would have guessed, honestly, so I’d suggest it for the next iteration of Vero. A colour “code” seems also reasonable and cheap.

I’ll do an autopsy and I’ll post some photos of the damage if that can help.

Sorry to hear that you burned your Vero.

It could be very nice with some detailed pictures of the hardware inside the Vero 2

I did something similar with the Vero 1, it was not burned though.

Often the filtering/RF choke used when blowing out can inhibit too much current from propogating down the line. Voltage regulators do have a fair bit of overvoltage protection built into them and are often designed to fail without passing the full current to the rest of the more delicate microprocessors further down the line.

As a nerd-grrrl with a soldering station I am always blowing out test circuits and for the price of a few replacement regulators many devices can be resurrected, even if they are out of warranty.

Just a thought, might be woth a fix you you can desolder SMT parts and replace the burned out bits…

Thanks for the replies, I’ll take some pictures of the damage and try to diagnose it.

I had traces burned out with 12V at 5V boards and some heavy overcurrent.
If it doesn’t work anymore and if you are really lucky it is only the 3.3V regulator and some passives.
If you are unlucky, the regulator went boom and let 12V pass to your 3.3V parts.