I want to Install DATACARD ZTE Model: MF190 on my PI2

I have OSMC Installed on PI2 and want to install 3G Data Card on it.

Make : ZTE
Model : MF190



So install it dont know what you expect from this community to magically popup and fix it for ya

here is a pro tip

google the shit outta it and read up on what you have to do then execute the plan and try come back when you fail atleast you can say that you atleast tried rather then expect us to do it for you.

I did look for this topic on Google and this forum but could not find any hints on how to install a data card on OSMC.

Just wondering if this is possible. :slightly_smiling:

As your requirements are quite specific, what @Toast meant was that you should goggle in general information on how to get your card running under linux, test it and if it not work ask for specific help.
Here are some of the pages that come up:


Generally the steps are always the same:

  1. You need to get your device physically detected.
  2. You would need the respective driver being available for your OS/Platform
  3. In some cases you need a firmware to be loaded
  4. After 1-3 are done and the device can generally be communicated with you then would need to have a program/script to build up a dial up connection

Besides the driver your biggest challenge might be the last part of the dial up connection under OSMC as OSMC uses connman for it’s connectivity which may clash with the scripts described in the general webpages. So you might need to disable connman

The archwiki is the best place for information regarding devices i noticed over the years they often have detailed information regarding on how to get stuff working it just takes a little brainpower from the user to assemble the pieces and get it running

@bediinderjit if your search didnt yield archwiki you must have been searching for the wrong stuff cause the answer on your question is right there in black and white on how to get it working…