Impossible to instal add on from zip file


I need your help or support.
After install last version of OSM in my Raspbeery Pi I can´t install any add-on from a USB drive.
The OSMS install the source as hard disk and I have full access to USB drive but when I try to install some add-on the system tell me “occurred an script error” and is not installed.

This have happened after install two add-ons, and these are working properly.
Knows someone what is happening? Is a bug of the version or instalation?

What addons and what version of them? Perhaps they are not Jarvis compatible.

First all, thanks for your quickly answer.

The add-ons are PDL-VISIONTV an the activator for this add-on.
The rare is that before to re install the last version of OSMC I had OSMC last version installed via updates and all add-ons were installed and working, but had some problems and decided do a fresh instalation.

After that, the add-ons that I had working, was impossible to install again. only “Pelisalacarta-kodi-jarvis-4.0.9” and “tvalacarta-kodi-jarvis-4.0.0” but not the rest like “gopro”, etc…

At this moment I dont have acces to raspberry and OSMC to give you more info.