In OSMC Settings - "RC3" now "unsupported Alpha"?

Hi there!
I’m a little bit confused about the following issue:
Last time I opened “OSMC Settings” it says it’s the RELEASE CANDIDATE 3!
Today I did an update and now it shows me that it is an “UNSUPPORTED ALPHA” which can’t be
updated! I’m quite sure I have installed an RC Image, which one I don’t know :wink:
Ok, can I “repair” it , reinstalling the “.??..-osmc-Addon” or a complete new and fresh install?
And if there is no way else than the new insatllation, can i use the backup and restore option in “OSMC-Settings”
Thanx in advance

We’ve just added detection of “upgraded” Alpha installs to alert people to the fact that they are not really running RC3 or whatever version was being shown at the bottom corner of OSMC settings previously.

At the time the first RC was released it was clearly stated that Alphas could not be upgraded to RC but some people missed seeing this and many chose to ignore the warning.

In an upgraded Alpha install the package that had the version number inside it was still upgrading and the skin and OSMC settings addon but that’s about it. Your kernel, Kodi, and many other critical packages were not up to date and never will be. Entire packages are missing that are present in real RC installs.

You were not running what you though you were, and this leads to a poor experience for you and a support burden for us trying to figure out a perplexing problem that turns out to be due to an upgraded Alpha 4 install.

So when we thought of an easy and reliable way to detect upgraded Alphas we added it in. (It should have been done a long time ago but other things had higher priority)

As for migrating to a fresh install, you can try the backup/restore function, but that has not been tested on an Alpha install. The best way is probably to copy the entire .kodi folder if you have another SD card and a USB SD reader to plug the old card into. That’s my preferred way to migrate installs while keeping all my Kodi config.

Another way would be to create a tar archive of the .kodi folder onto a USB thumb drive and restore it to the new install.


Thanks for your reply!
Now I did a fresh RC3 Install. I wasn’t able to get connected to my “hidden wifi” via the GUI. So I did it via comandline (connmanctl) and it still works after rebooting. copying back my old .Kodi folder worked fine via ftp. everything seems to run smooth and stable!
thanx and rock on!

Glad you got it migrated without issues.

There was a bug with the initial RC3 that prevented connecting to hidden networks through the GUI - this has been fixed in the most recent updates.

Of course you would had to have connected first to download the updates to get the fix that would let you connect…unless you connected via a different network initially.

Any networks you connect to with connmanctl will be remembered just the same as those set up via the GUI so you won’t have any problem there.

I installed the original Release Candidate Build back in March. I attempted to update today and now find myself in this same Unsupported Alpha situation. Is the only way to fix this issue a complete wipe and install ? None of my addon repositories, or skins will update and I assume it’s because of this Alpha situation.

If I do completely wipe and install, which will suck majorly, how do I know which version to install going forward to ensure I don’t end up in this same situation again?


Your Addons should still be updating but until you reinstall OSMC, you will be on Kodi Helix. Release Candidates should be upgradable, but Alpha builds certainly are not.

You can install any release at Download - OSMC and this will be put you on a stable and upgradable system. I recommend 2015.09

Thanks for testing our early builds