In which files are the settings stored?

After the latest update, there appears to be many filesystem errors and the boot does not complete. I do not have a backup of my settings, and I would like to do a clean install. I would like to mount the SD card and grab the files containing my settings before I do this (hoping they are not corrupted). Does anyone know where all the settings are stored? Which files to backup?
I have many years of linux experience and can find my way around a filesystem.


/home/OSMC/.kodi would be the folder that I’d try and save.

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Thanks, jb2cool, I will try that. I was wondering if settings concerning the network (samba and nfs shares, etc.) were stored somewhere else (in /etc). Do you know?

Unless you mounted them via /etc/fstab, .kodi will have all you need to perform a backup.


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Yes, it worked flawlessly, thank you!