Inconsistent behavior with strm url and iptv pvr addon

I am having trouble with the IPTV pvr addon. When I stream content using a strm file it pegs 1.5 CPUs until after I pause it for a few seconds, at which point it goes down to ~50% CPU (which is a little high, but within reason). If I try the same URL via the IPTV PVR plugin, it hangs and I get the following error from my kodi.log file:

17:16:55 1874.301270 T:1690301472 ERROR: Get - failed to get stream

I am using the latest OSMC on a raspberry pi 2 and streaming the video from a simple program I wrote that is grabbing data from a Hauppage CableCard device. My advanced network settings are all default except buffermode is set to 1.

Also, this only happens with some channels, there are some channels that work fine with IPTV PVR without the strange CPU issue that I get sometimes with strm files.

I’ll take a look at the IPTV PRV code to see what’s going on, but I’m hoping that someone has some things I can try.

Here’s my kodi.log file: