Incorrect password, please try again

I downloaded 2017.02-2 for Raspberry Pi2 from Download - OSMC and flashed the img to microSD with Win32DiskImager. Boot yields white screen, raspberrypi2 in upper left, en_US.utf8, settings,and shutdown in upper right.

entering osmc for username and password, clicking log in, results in Incorrect password, please try again.

I must be missing something obvious here, or doing something completely wrong.


That doesn’t sound at all like what you should be seeing. Can you take a picture of the screen it boots to and upload it here?

Failing that, I’d suggest you re-download the image, re-flash the card and try again. Maybe something didn’t download/copy correctly.

Thanks. I used a different micro SD card and different adapter and got it to work successfully. It was frustrating as there were no failures in the original copy to the card.

The error may not have been in the original copy of the image to the card, it may have been when the image extracted itself on the card when you first booted it.

I suspect as using a different card has resolved the issue, that the original card is likely faulty or fake.