Infared remotes Multipress in OSMC app only on Wireless category


I really do not know how to report this since it is very weird. I will try to explain the best i can what is happening and please if you need logs tell me what you want me to do before i grab logs.

I am using lircd for my wireless remotes and an infared sensor on all of my rasperries 3. I own 8 of them in my house, and i have many different remotes that i have set up.

After the february update the problem i have is that if i navigate with the infared remote control and go into OSMC application and try to go to the wireless settings i am not able to choose wireless menu because it is like i am multi pressing the up or down key. So i can almost never able to stop on the wireless settings.
This only happens with infared remotes. It does not happend with either usb remotes, Yatse or iphone remote, usb keyboard.

It happens even if i am going up the menu (pressing up key to reach wireless) or down the menu (pressing the down key to reach wireless.

The multipress that happens starts the exactly the time i stop on wireless and sometimes it repeats the same direction (up or down it does not matter) 2 or 3 or some rare times a lot of presses.

I have try to setup new infared remotes, use already setup infared that are prebuild in the remotes category but it always does the same.

In the rare cases that the multipresses that happens ends me up on the wireless menu then i can use it until i go on a wireless network i want to connect. Then the multipresses start again. And i am not able to choose the network i want unless the cusror stops on the network by luck.

This happens on all my installations and even of a fresh one i did yesterday for testing.

I even try to use another infared sensor but no luck.

Remotes work fine everywhere else. All map buttons and no multipresses.

And i am out of ideas.

Thanks in advance.

Noone has this problem?

Can someone with infared remote check if he csn go to wireless settings in osmc addon using the infared remote?

Thank you in advance.