Infinitely loop through video source

I have an SMB video source with about 15 videos on it that I want the Pi to infinitely loop through. Right now, it will auto play until the end of the list then it has to be manually restarted. Any ideas on how to automatically restart it?

If this is a single purpose device (i.e. you aren’t using it to play anything else but that one playlist), you could write a little service addon that would look for a PlaybackStopped event, wait like 5 seconds, check and see if something is playing, and the restart the playlist. I suggest the wait because I’m pretty sure you get a PlaybackStopped event after every video. You might look at the Callbacks addon (I suggested it in another thread for a slightly different use case), but I’m not sure if you can add some kind of wait/check for new playback logic with that.

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Thanks for the help and sorry for the late response. This worked for me!