Inmutable guisettings.xml vs 2018.X updates sad face

Hello friends. I have a big trouble,

I’ve got Raspberry Pi 3B and creative usb sound blaster x-fi sound card.
That is the one that the best for passthrough ac3 and dts via optical cable to my hi-fi amplifier.
My tv doesn’t support dts 5.1 passthrough and i have a lot of movies with dts codec.

2 of 3 times at the boot my raspberry doesn’t recognize that sound card, and only shows me HDMI, Hdmi + analog or ALSA default in settings gui.
That was awkful but i figured out few month ago, if I force in file guisettings.xml option:


It works, to leave that option never changed, i changed attributes on file with,

sudo chattr +i guisettings.xml

As also a solution for november/december 2017 settings crash.
Since that i loved that option, and to updated system with osmc upgrades, i detected that I need to take off attributes and put them back to leave inmutable guisettings.

So i have successfully updated to febrary update, and i noticed that with aditional option of “LFO” channels, now if i leave it inmutable is always drops:

22:24:12.874 T:1926044160 FATAL: unable to load settings

Please help me to force raspberry always detect sound card without guisettings, or any other option…
p.s. sorry for my bad english

Try putting that default card in advancedsettings.xml.

It’s works much better!
Thanks!, but still a problem when i go to system settings, audio output option
(when something in advancedsettings i know it dissapear from gui) but it switch back to hdmi.
I need to restart kodi without restarting whole raspberry and sometimes it detects it, some not.
It bother me, because it detects only AC3 passthrough output by default.

Does exist some kernel/alsa.conf to force usb card detect before kodi starts¿?