Install on Pendrive RPi 2?

Hello. Recently I bought a raspberry pi two .
I bought it to install OSMC , and make smart TV.

I want to know the correct way to install OSMC on a stick .

This would be a good pendrive? :
Sandisk Ultra 3.0 16gb Nano

How i install OSMC on the usb pendrive??

I know that the sd card is still needed to boot .

OSMC is responsible for making good booting the pendrive ?
I need to make any changes to boot from the USB prendrive ?

Thank you very much to all .

this is a google translation

Just choose ‘USB install’ in the installer


I have not yet bought the raspberry . Tomorrow I bring it :slight_smile: and I wanted to get me questions earlier.

Thank you very much !

… google translator is really bad. but it is the best that I have to write.

When you choose to install on the stick;It is installed there. The problem is that it does not touch at all the sd card.

What should I do to install the boot on the sd card and operating system on the stick ??

Greetings and thanks

Just select USB stick using the Windows / Linux / OSX installers. That’s literally it.


but it is not supposed to also have to install something on the sd card ??

Are you telling me that selecting usbstick also going to install on sd card ??

Because, selecting usbstick shows me the two devices (usbstick, and sdcard) … I select usbstick, and I see that was installed in the usbstick, but when I look at the sdcard not touched at all.

It does not assume that the raspberry pi 2 needs to have the sd card to boot ?? I say, because the sd card do not have anything.

Do not write the USB with the installer. Write the sd card. Then boot the sdcard in the pi with the USB attached.

at first I select “on a USB stick”

then I select the sd card …

And later, when I put the sd card and usbstick in raspberry, will continue the installation ??? or OSMC uses usbstick as swapfile ???

Well, well, I’m questioning, without yet having the raspberry to test …

It will install system to USB. But I really wonder why you want to do this? The benefits this provided years ago in Raspbmc are really no longer relevant since the issues this avoided have since been resolved. You are unlikely to see much in the way of performance gains.

I read that usbsticks are faster than the sd card.

It is not true? It will be faster or does not make sense?

Depends on USB. You are a beginner so I would recommend you stick with a SD card installation

Sandisk Ultra 3.0 16gb Nano???

i buy that…

If you want to research and compare, you need to be looking for fast random 4k r/w speeds. But as i said, on a pi2, any performance increases would probably be negligible.

ok, then!

this sd card its ok??


Thanks for all the time!