Install OSMC on Allwinner

Good morning my question is about installing OSMC on a device with the same hardware to the Mele A1000 development board, an ARM based on allwinner A10, I have one that I would like to recycle, the options would be

  1. Install Linaro and install OSMC from a terminal as boot environment, is it possible?
  2. Install a Linux Ubuntu or Debian and uninstall the graphical environment and install OSMC from terminal.
  3. Install linux sunxi and install OSMC.
    The question, OSMC would be executed with this ARM processor.
    Excuse me if it is not the right place to ask, My knowledge of OSMC is limited.

Osmc is the OS so, Iā€™m not sure if any of these things would work since it was never developed for your platform.

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Unfortunately we do not support AllWinner devices at this time