Install to SD Card failed using OSMC installer

Using the official OSMC installer in Windows XP (yes, I know!), I get as far as
“OSMC is now being installed to your device”
The progress bar shows
“An error occurred while writing the image!
Please consult the log file”

I have uploaded “installer.log” to

The SD card is 16GB Transcend SD HC.

Any help gratefully received.


That installation log is a Raspbmc installation log and doesn’t help at all. It’s from a successful installation

Please ensure the write protect switch is not set and post the log from the Windows installer if it fails again.

Ah, I hadn’t check the dates.

I’m overwriting my RaspBMC install which has stopped booting altogether.

So, that tells me that the OSMC hasn’t written to the SD card at all.

Ah, found “osmc_installer_log.txt”

“Restoring backup to “Mass Storage Device USB Device” (E:)… 0%failed
Error: Could not write to the USB device!
Code : 23 - Data error (cyclic redundancy check).”

I’ll reboot my aging PC and try again.

Thanks for the swift reply

CRC errors is never good ensure that your card is working with some SD card tester like H2testw so that its not a crappy SD card

Thanks, Toast.

H2testw gave the same CRC error, so I guess the SD Card is kaput.

At least I know now.

Thank you both for your help.

np a good reminder for myself to toss out old sd cards since they dont last forever :smile:

H2testw is also a good way to test for fake SD cards off eBay, especially the low storage cards faked to look like 16 or 32GB cards.

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