Install updates now option missing rpi2

Changed updates to download and show icon. On my Vero I get an option to install downloaded updates now. On rpi2 that option is missing, making installing downloaded updates impossible.

You are probably on an old version of OSMC. What do you see?


I failed to mention that this was after apt-get dist-upgrade made today. So I should be on a fresh version. Even did a reboot afterwards.

Maybe there are no more updates?


If you have an “install downloaded updates now” option on your Vero you have a REALLY old version of the OSMC settings addon.

That option was removed a long time ago (before RC2 I think) so you should run updates on your Vero to get it up to date.

The manual option to install updates is now “Scan for updates now” under manual controls - this combines scanning for updates and installing updates (if you choose yes when updates are found) into the same option.


This is a fully updated vero,.

Nope, you’re definitely not up to date. See below on my Vero:

Does it say no updates available after you choose scan for updates now ?

Please post a debug log so we can see the versions of all the installed OSMC packages so we can see what else might be out of date.

It’s easier to do via ssh for me if there is a command to show installed packages

dpkg -l | paste-log


Hmm, turns out your package is up to date…

Does the install available updates now option actually seem to do anything ?

Does it disappear if you switch your Kodi language to English ?

Still there, I pressed it, it wanted to exit kodi:

And it installed nothing, but afterwards the option is gone.

Freak accident?

I think it’s related to your Language setting - if you change it back to the original language (which is ?) and then restart does it come back ? I suspect it will.

CC @Karnage

The language setting is Swedish. The option did not reappear after reboot.