Installation Problem

Hi, i’m installing on sandisk 16gb omsc by omscistaller on ubuntu 15.10.
This is error:
Could not mount device /dev/sdc1. Check the log for error messages. OSMC must exit now.

lun nov 23 12:09:08 2015 Mounting /dev/sdc1 to /tmp/osmc_mnt
lun nov 23 12:09:08 2015 Could not mount filesystem!

Did you run the installer with sudo?

Yes of course

Disabling automount sd it hava created a 255mb partition.
Raspberry 2 doesn’t boot ocmc

The 255mb partition is totally correct. Can you mount it on your PC and are files on there?

Are you 100% sure you have a Raspberry2? Have you chosen the Raspberry2 Image?
So when you boot do you see anything on the screen?

These are files:
bootcode.bin cmdline.txt config.txt filesystem.tar.xz fixup_cd.dat kernel.img preseed.cfg start_cd.elf

The image is:

I’ve a Rasberry Pi 2
I doesn’t see nothing only “multicolor screen”

Show us a photo of the bottom side of your Pi 2’s circuit board… :wink:

The usual cause of being stuck on the multicolour screen is installing a Pi 2 image on a Pi 1 or vica versa.

View the image:
Direct image link:

View the image:

That is a Raspberry 1 Model B

Raspberry 2 only come in 2015

Looks like this

now I’s booting.

…this is my package…View the image:

With which Image?
What is cat /proc/cpuinfo giving you

model name : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 7 (v6l)

As we suspected, you do not have a Pi 2, you have an original Pi 1 B+.

If you paid for a Pi 2, I would send it back and get it replaced with the correct model, as it is clearly not what it claims to be on the box.

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