Installed OSMC and can no longer access the home page

Hi–I installed the latest 2015 version into my iMAC and then to my 4 GC SD card and then into the RasPi 2 using Raspian Wheezy (Adafruit).

I had tried the 2016 version, but could not connect to the internet so I put the SD card into the iMAC and deleted anything saying OSMC. Then installed the 2015 version on the SD card.

The 2015 installation went well, but now it has taken over the computer: If I click exit the machine reboots to OSMC. I cannot access the RasPi home page, the data flow at the usual start of the Raspi, or any other files.

I presume the OSMC works, but I do not have any oudio out hardware attached yet.



It sounds like you want to go back to Raspbian. That can be downloaded from

If you wish to dual-boot (swap between Raspbian and OSMC), you can do this by downloading NOOBS from as well.