Installer glitches at network config

I downloaded the installer and began the process of configuring my network info manually and ran into a small issue with the pre-established dots in ip, mask, gw, dns1, and dns2. There seem to be 2 spaces between each dot, and depending on where I click, it “auto dots” too soon. 192 often turns into 19.2.

I think this is simply a formatting error.

Hm. This seems to be inherent to the Qt’s InputMask. Would it help you if the spaces are made obvious?
P.S. Actually, there are three spaces, as defined by the InputMask attached to the input-fields.

A fix has been pushed by @srmo and I have made this change available to all platforms (Windows, OS X and Linux). Please give it a go.

Thanks for the quick responses and the change, it does work a bit more like I’d expect now.

After attempting alpha 2 and proposed alpha 3, my custom network settings still don’t stick. Somewhat crucial for my wifi network, but I am sure it will get fixed in due time!

Thanks for your hard work!

edit: forgot something, the reason why I even mentioned this was because I thought the spaces were messing up the network data and not allowing osmc to be properly configured. since the change did not affect this, I guess it is not the problem.

There is currently an issue with DNS assignment for Static IP configurations that is being worked on and will hopefully be fixed for alpha 3.