Installing OSMC onto Raspberry Pi 2 w/o MicroSD card reader?

Can you install OSMC native-ly from your Pi or your USB flash drive? Is this at all possible? I just got my first Pi today and am a little frustrated that I can’t run OSMC because I do not have a Micro SD card reader. It’s amazing with how far along the software has come and you can’t even get it onto your SD via the OS or even a USB stick. Well, not that I’ve found anyway. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you

As the PI (by design) require the SD card to boot from there is no (easy) way to do this from a single SDcard + USB. So my recommendation is to get a SD card reader or use a PC with a build-in card reader. If all of that is too cumbersome for you maybe you want to get a preloaded card from the shop

It’s not cumbersome for me, it’s just that its about midnight here and no stores are open. <-- That means I’m impatient. =] Plus my PC or laptop has no SD card reader. I was hoping to have some fun with it tonight.
Thanks your your response.#

What is on the SD card currently? If you have bought a Pi bundle then your SD card likely has NOOBS installed on it. Holding shift during boot will bring up a menu where you can choose which OS you want to have installed on the SD card.

If your SD really is a blank card though you will need a card reader.

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I do have NOOBS installed and am currently on my Pi as well. I was hoping for an installation method that would alloy me to install OSMC as root on my Pi or with my USB stick.

OSMC is the entire OS, you can’t load this onto Raspbian or any other running operating system, it replaces the operating system. You should be able to boot into the NOOBS menu (by holding shift) and then install OSMC from there.

If however you want to install Kodi inside your existing Raspbian OS then you should be able to but you then miss out of some OSMC specific features.