Insufficient power after update

Hi there,

first of all - a very big thank You for Your great work. OSMC is a brilliant piece of software.

Now, I have observed an issue after last update. My RPi2 started to show rainbow square in the corner. I have an usb disk, wireless keyboard and wifi dongle connected to my RPi2 and it all worked fine till now, no rainbow square, even once.

Also after a long time in idle I am unable to wake kodi up - TV can’t detect signal. I can log via putty to OSMC, but restarting KODI doesnt work - I have to disconnect the power supply to wake it up again. Bit maybe that is related to insufficient power issue.

Is there any chance anyone can look into this?


The underp-powered warnings are real. There was a bug in previous firmware that meant they weren’t always displayed (but they were detected and the CPU was being throttled).

Get a decent power supply (and cable) and you’ll no longer be throttled, so OSMC will run smoother and more reliably.

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I see. Thank You :slight_smile:

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