Interaction between Kodi and OSMC?


I am fairly new to this side of things, and am not 100% clear on the ‘relationship’ between Kodi and OSMC, of which Kodi is obviously an essential part.

For example, I noticed that OSMC was being updated today, on my Raspberry Pi, to a new ‘version’ dated 25th January 2015, and assume that all ‘interaction’ between the two will be virtually seamless.

Is this in fact the case or is there some manual integration also required on the pat of the user, as I found (for example… as I mentioned in another post) that iPlayer no longer works, due to a script error?

I will apologise in advance if this sound like a basic question, but hope it makes sense to someone!

OSMC is a Linux distribution which includes (and is optimized for) Kodi, a software package for Linux. OSMC includes installers and automatic updaters, similar to many other Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. OSMC is Alpha software, so it is under rapid and active development, and is not ready for the general public.

You are correct that ‘interaction’ will be seamless between OSMC and Kodi, but many features are missing or under development.

You’ve said it pretty well there @UTCWebDev, well done

Indeed – OSMC is the vessel that ships Kodi. We then add our patches, update system and features (such as application) on top