Intermittant "freezes" lately. Running out of memory?

OSMC has been hanging up a couple times a day and it’ll eventually come back to life after ~30 minutes or so if I just leave it alone. I’ve been ssh’d in with top running trying to see what’s causing it and have seen kswapd0 jumping to the top to the list just before it becomes unresponsive, which I think happens when you run out of memory, but maybe someone out there knows how to read this top screen better than I.

I’m running far more on this little Pi than is wise, I think. Hopefully the Vero 4k can handle it all.

Your interpretation seems to be correct: you’re running out of memory.

kodi.bin 36.4%
mysqld   16.6%
flexget  10.6%
deluged  12.5%

That’s over 76% of your memory used on just 4 processes.

Something needs to go. For example, you could stop kodi.bin when you’re not using it, as well as looking to reduce/rationalise the add-ons you have installed.

I figured. I think I’m going to move flexget & deluge to a 2nd Pi. Thanks for having a look.