Intermittent VPN Connection

First off, love my Vero 4K+. The only issue that is driving me crazy is when using Zomboided’s VPN Manager with IPVanish, it randomly disconnects from the connected server. Some days it works fine.
Has anyone experienced this? Suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

Some logs might show the reason for disconnection.

Does it only happen after a period of inactivity? It’s possible that your VPN provider kicks off inactive users after a while.

There is no pattern for this. I can reboot and it will happen within an hour or not at all. Seems to occur more often towards the end of a stream so there is definitely activity when it happens.

Some logs might give some clues. I’d also consider contacting the provider to see if they’re experiencing some issues.

Will do, although this has been happening for quite a while. I looked at the logs and could not see the issue myself but I will keep trying. Thanks.

I used zomboided’s vpn manager with my vero for a while and stopped using it for this very reason. Lots of random disconnects while streaming- some within minutes of starting a stream, some after a day or so. Tried with Expressvpn and private internet access but could never get it to work consistently. Never had a problem using it with my raspberry pi. The author of the addon says it’s designed for libreelec, and although it should work on osmc, can’t really troubleshoot osmc related issues.

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Thanks for your insight. Curious, what was your approach in getting your vpn to work with osmc?

Vanilla OpenVPN works just fine on OSMC. If it’s not working, you need to provide logs so people here can see what’s happening.

Great, I will give that a go then. Thanks.