Internet and Mac address Busy after router change

Hello All,
Yesterday i updated to Virgin superhub 3.

Since then Internet and MAC address under system info are showing as busy and I don’t seem to be able to connect to the Internet on osmc/Pi. WiFi and Internet otherwise working on laptop/phone.

Link lights on at ethernet port and can control/navigate menu via yatse over WiFi but cannot access any Internet content.

May be useful…
Connected via wired TP link.
Problem with installation required engineer visit. I believe the problem was with the serial number/mac address being incorrect.

Thanks all :relaxed:


Please clarify, is the virgin superhub in modem and the tplink is your router; or using the superhub as a modem router? If its the latter what model is the TP link and what is it doing?

Thanks Tom.

Same here.

After changing the box (the new Miami box from Bouygues Telecom).
@Warriorz7 did you find a solution at the end?