Invoking a splash screen on shutdown

Within raspbmc the following would allow invocation of a custom shutdown splash screen:

/usr/sbin/ply-image /home/logo/splash.png

Is there a simple method to achieve the same within OSMC?

thanks in acvance

We still use ply-image. Try /usr/bin/ply-image now


Keep in mind that OSMC shuts down very quickly and when shutdown is complete HDMI output is switched off. (At least on Pi 1/2)

So you might only see your image for a second or two before the screen goes blank due to no signal.

Hi thanks for the tip, this was all I needed.

I am actually using it to invoke a custom screen when I want to recover the build back to an earlier point in time (I take a zip on demand of /home osmc)

actually weirdly when i do this it simply invokes the original splash screen, is the original splash screen hard coded? I tried doing :smile:

 /usr/bin/ply-image /home/osmc/logo/updating.png

It’s sort of hard coded, yes. It’s actually expecting an exit (return code) from Kodi, and using that value to decide whether to display the normal splash or a sad face:

There isn’t a way at the moment to specify a custom image file location.

It would be quite simple to allow this. Just pass it as an argument, check argc and pass the argv if it exists.