IP TV Problems with OSMC?

I talked with my ip tv provider, and when I may buy a Vero 4K to watch IPTV with the Vero 4K i got this answer…

“dont buy OSMC!!
OSMC is really not good for watching TV with iptv providers
Libreelec or openelec is good but OSMC is NO GO!”

Is this some problem you are aware of and can confirm?

OSMC isn’t something you buy (it’s free software). It supports the same IPTV addons as Libre/OpenELEC.

So it will work fine. There is only one provider that may cause issues, RapidIPTV. I believe they used to block OSMC because we have a lot of users (and their bandwidth is likely limited), but you can get around this easily enough.

The Vero 4K will work fine for IPTV. We are quite sick of providers blaming OSMC for their crap streams. If you provide me a link to where they wrote that, I’ll be happy to get in touch with them and correct them.


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