IPTV Simple client : No channel available

Hi all,
With PVR IPTV Simple Client add-ons set correctly with m3u link (disabled cache) and restart, only one channel “15381122xxx” available and unable to do anything with it.
The link worked perfectly with VLC on my pc (all channels available + movies / series) .
Anyone have any idea to make it work?

try you m3u link in a browser:

It should look like something like this:

 #EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="svt1.svt.se" tvg-name="SVT1 HD SE" tvg-logo="http://Some_url_to_channel_logo/svt1hd.png" group-title="Sverige",SVT1 HD SE http://Url-with-username-and-passwd/31234 
 #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="svt2.svt.se" tvg-name="SVT2 HD SE" tvg-logo="http://Some_url_to_channel_logo/svt2h.png" group-title="Sverige",SVT2 HD SE http://Url-with-username-and-passwd/might_not_be_a_number
 #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="hd.tv3.se" tvg-name="TV3 FHD SE" tvg-logo="http://Some_url_to_channel_logo/tv3hd.png" group-title="Sverige",TV3 FHD SE http://Url-with-username-and-passwd/It_is_the_actual_stream_link

In this output i have added windows basewd breaklines to make it more visible, but there should be like just one “whitespace” (linux breaklines) between last digit of channelnumber/name in streamlink, and the next #EXTINF

Edit: Remember that the RBP is a low memory device, large channel list is no fun, some providers give you a list off all the channels/VOD services they offer. I had this issue with a provider, where the m3u file was like 75k lines, which meant it took more then 5 mins for IPTV Simple client to scan all channels, and using EPG with that was impossible. I have a small howto for filtering your list, if you are interested.

Than you joakim_s for your answer.
As i said, the link is ok and works with e.g. VLC, but kodi don’t find any chanel and i don’t undestand why.
Now the link is no longer available because it was a 24h test

@ermite67 it could be something like your provider locking the list to the MAC address of the first download. Or something like that, i know i would do that if i gave out a 24h trial.

It’s is also known that VLC is more forgiving, when it comes to streaming. Since it autodetects which client protocol to use, while in Kodi you decide which client software to use, and Simple IPTV client is, a bit more sensitive then VLC in what it parses.