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Hi all,

My apologies if this belongs elsewhere or just not relevant :(, I’m eagerly awaiting my newly ordered Vero 4k and was wondering what’s the best app for my IPTV sub, I’ve used (on my Firestick) the Stalker client on Kodi (but the Epg doesn’t want to load), I’ve also used the PVR IPTV simple client. I’ve also seen people mention something called TVHeadEnd, but not sure how to set that up or if it’s even applicable for me, if that’s the way to go if anybody can point me in the direction of a tutorial it would be much appreciated.

Hope I haven’t said anything not allowed on the forums.



The IPTV add-on in Kodi should do the trick

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Hi Sam,
PVR IPTV Simple Client is not starting even with an enabled status on a fresh Vero 4K. Is there any howto?

Can you explain that a bit further? Did you configure it?


I inserted the m3u8 url in the configuration and then I enabled the PVR IPTV Simple Client from the add-on. Do I need to add more configuration? Is there any way to check from ssh the PVR process? Or start logs? Thank you.

PS1. The same configuration is working on a Pi. If I’m not wrong before in the Settings>Live TV there was an Enable Radio button. I have checked and there is no more on both Vero and Pi.

PS2. My Vero was crashing after the first start

If it works on Pi you could copy the ~/.kodi directory over or do a backup via My OSMC and restore it.

Thanks, it’s working.
Very strange but xmltv.xml.cache was missing in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/pvr.iptvsimple despite add-on was displayed as enabled.