IR Codes and bluetooth

I installed the IR command list for the xbox 360 on the Rasp running OSMC. I am using a Universal remote and the codes are flawless. As a receiver I am using a USB dongle thePS3 one but IR is IR from a reception level. Problem is for some reason it isn’t working. I have EMBY as my server running the titan skin - nothing leads me to believe it disables this add on. I have more IR recorders and libraries than I can count so I can set up any coding is someone can show me how to enable IR with this set up.

I also have a Asus Bluetooth dongle on the device as well so if someone can tell me how to have the Bluetooth enabled to pick up the Ps3 Controller as well as my universal remote since it is able to control the ps3 via Bluetooth (I still have to go into manager and add it in PS3) perhaps this is a better option. I still rather have the IR enabled because when the ps gets shut off wrong I have to go thru menus and reset it all up again which isn’t a hassle but would be without any other option. Still have to set up the ROM emulator package but been stocking up on MAMEs from the arcade when I was a kid and so pumped.

thanks in advance,

The remote profiles that you can choose in MyOSMC -> remotes are only for remotes that use lircd, which on the Pi generally means using a GPIO connected IR receiver.

If you use a USB receiver of some sort the remotes section will do nothing as USB receivers do not go through lircd. The button mappings you get with a USB connected IR receiver are entirely up to the receiver itself, (although there are ways to remap the buttons) and not all USB IR receivers will work.

As for the PS3 remote - this should work and I think one of the OSMC devs has got a PS3 remote working via Bluetooth - just plug your Bluetooth receiver in and go to My OSMC-> Networking and you should see a Bluetooth option in addition to Ethernet where you can connect and pair devices.

If you don’t see a Bluetooth option in Networking that means your Bluetooth adaptor does not currently have a suitable driver in OSMC and thus isn’t supported at the moment.

I have an IR receiver but my case is black now, soon to be a custom billet aluminum. I wouldn’t uses a receiver, I may add one but would prefer using a 3.5 mono jack to direct connect. This is actually part of a larger project and will need custom dedicated hardware.

I am surprised that the USB receiver controls button mapping, I dumped the codes into my universal any so its not an issue to have them add and replacing the 360 codes I set up for OSMC. How do I set up or check if the rasp is recognizing the receiver? lsub?

My BT adaptor is fine and used it previously. Unfortunately with Emby and the skin I have set up getting into any options seems almost impossible so I will have to SHH into it or change back to confluence - make the changes and go back. My universal remote is the Harmony Ultimate home hub, it can control via wifi, BT, and ir. My rasp is connected via cat6 and I added the wifi dongle hoping I would be able to control it via wifi as it would ideally be the best option. Do you know how to do this? When I install the wifi dongle and use my remote to scan for wifi devices, it doesn’t pick up on the rasp - I am guessing because its connected via lan and overrides the wifi option. Considering you can do basically anything and everything with this I can’t imagine it being impossible.