IR not working after new install on new Pi3 and reinstall on existing Pi3

Hey all,

I’ve had problems with IR on 2 Pi3s. The first was was a new install about 4 months ago on a new Pi3 with TSOP38238. With CEC off on the pi, the IR remote does nothing.

I managed to lose the microSD in a top vent slot in my AR Receiver on my long time running Pi3. After a reload, IR stopped working on that one as well. Here are the logs from the reloaded Pi3 that the IR, also TSOP38238, worked flawlessly for over a year until I reloaded a new microSD.**************

Appreciate any help!

Looks like you have not configured the GPIO for your IR receviecer

Thanks for the response, but what do you mean? I’ve never had to configure anything before. I’ve always scp’d my lircd.conf file to the /home/osmc, and selected it in My OSMC -> Remotes.

The only thing I’ve found in the forums is adding “dtoverlay=lirc-rpi” to config.txt, but that didn’t help.

Have you set My OSMC -> Pi Config -> Hardware support -> Enable LIRC GPIO support (or something similar)?

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Wow, I don’t remember EVER seeing that setting before. That did it. Thank you!