IR not working on Vero 2

I have just received my Vero 2 and I’m trying to get the IR working. I have enabled the silver apple tv remote but nothing is happening. Am I missing something?

Ideally I want to integrate the Vero 2 into a setup I have using an RTi processor. The RTi uses IR to talk to the Vero 2 and I thought I would be able to use the IR codes for the silver apple TV remote.

The IR hasn’t been configured yet. For now you should use the OSMC remote or CEC.

We will enable the IR remote in the next update


OK, thanks for the update. Do you have any idea yet when the next update will be?

I have a client that is wanting this feature.

I will add it in the March update

Sir any update on the ir. Has this been enabled?

Not yet – the earlier ‘Marches on’ update wasn’t really the complete update for this month. I’ll get amremote working shortly. We’ve fixed quite a few bugs and that’s taken some time so far.


It’s almost end of the month, sir any news on this issue please

We had to fix some other high priority issues first. We will release an update on Sunday. After this, I’ll look at integrating IR support. This won’t take long.



Any success sir


I added support for IR remotes a couple of weeks ago. This has been tested and seems to work well. It will be included in the next update, and you’ll be able to configure IR remotes via My OSMC -> Remotes as you can on other platforms.