Ir range

Looking for help with using the harmony 650 and vero 4k plus. Ive got it setup working as a 360 controller and mapped the buttons fine, and the response is good but the range sucks on the ir. I realize ir is point of sight, bjt with the 4k i seem to have to be within 5 feet and have it directly pointed at the box for it to receive the remote commands. It seems really tight unlike using a flirc or ahy other device using ir. The box is out in the open under tv ona shelf. Ideas?

Use the included IR extender

And where would i put it? The vero is already sitting at the front of the tv stand. Unlessnyou are saying the ir extender has better reciever in it?

It should give you better range, yes

Alright i hooked it up, seems to be functioning better now thanks. Any reason y the same wasnt inckuded internally? Little disapointed that i need to run the ir extender.

Do i somehow need to disable the internal one now?

The internal IR receiver is fit in to a much smaller space.

It’s usually good enough for most environments and the extender only exists for those putting the device behind an object such as a TV.

IR usage is quite low on Vero with most using the included remote


Kinda figured as much, thanks. Do i need to disable the internal one?

No – they shouldn’t conflict.