IR Receiver pins


I have a TSOP4838 IR receiver connected to GPIO18 which has been working perfectly.

I am now thinking of also adding a fan controller circuit and using GPIO17.

Is GPIO17 still able to be used normally while using GPIO18 for IR in?

I get the impression that GPIO17 in this configuration is now occupied for IR out.


You should be able to disable IR TX and free the pin so that it can be used for the fan controller circuit.

Hi Sam thanks for the reply.

I think I’ll play safe and leave GPIO17 and GPIO18 for the LIRC driver to own in case an update wipes out any custom use of those pins.

GPIO4 is still free so I will use that for fan control and leave the IR receiver where it is.

Thanks again.

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An update won’t override this configuration.

If you’re happy to run things over GPIO4 however, this seems a pragmatic solution.