IR remote Philips RC1974506/00 and MS MCE IR keyboard problem

I recently switched from openelec to OSMC and I must say it works nice.
had to run the update function first to get the remotes addon in MYOSMC.
Following problem arrises with my remote and keyboard
my mce button is not working and also the poweroff button refuses to work.
the keyboard arrows on the right side work but typing is impossible.
I have tested already many releases of openelec and other xbmc compatible installs on the pi and this always worked.
can someone add this to the remotes section as it is official MCE gear ?
further info on the links below to show you what i’m talking about.
for the rest KUDOS !!! no other bugs found yet :smile:

is there a way to import the config from lirc openelec to osmc ?
I have copied the files from previous sdcard with openelec ?
can someone instruct me in how to integrate this cause only creating a new .conf file in the remote section does not work.

kind regards

ive never used openelec etc so not sure if the configs are compatible or not but I know on OSMC in the remote selection app there is a browse button could you click that and select your conf file ?

if not you could replace one of the remote conf file you dont use with yours and select that remote in the remote app possibly ?