IR Remote powering off RPi 1

So now that I got my Harmany Remote working, I wanted to share something I just found.

The way the Harmony works, is that when you use the “Watch TV”, or “Watch Movie” it powers on/off the devices needed/not needed and I haven’t found a way to not send the power commands. So when I switch back to regular TV, the Harmony is powering off the Pi. This wouldn’t be too bad if I could power the Pi back on via the remote, but you can’t and my lazy @ss doesn’t wanna get off the couch to power the Pi back on.

This never happened with RaspBMC.

I confirmed with irw that the Pi is receiving the KEY_POWER

osmc@osmc:~$ irw
6c 0 KEY_DOWN linux-input-layer
6c 0 KEY_DOWN_UP linux-input-layer
67 0 KEY_UP linux-input-layer
67 0 KEY_UP_UP linux-input-layer
74 0 KEY_POWER linux-input-layer
74 0 KEY_POWER_UP linux-input-layer

So what I did to resolve is I removed all the KEY_POWER lines from lircd.conf.

Just thought I would pass that on in case others have the same problem.