Ir-remote to run bash command

I run OSMC on an rpi3 and control it with a harmony remote.
What I want to do is have the pi to listen to custom key presses eg “C-A-F1” and run a shell script when it detects it.
This is because I also have a Chromecast which I want to stop playing the current stream when the key is pressed.
As for now I have an old rpi with raspbian installed that does this trick but I would rather only have one pi running.

Does anyone know how I would achieve this?

// John

Probably best to map it to a single key than combination.
Then edit remote.xml or keyboard.xml and run a Python script via Kodi.

Thanks for the reply!
Since I am less than a novice in python and Linux do you have a suggestion to how the command in the .xml would look like?
Can I get it to run a system.exec() ?
// John

I figured it out :slight_smile:
I have a harmony one and a chinavasion (chinavision) MCE IR-remote an IR-receiver.

I created a keyboard.xml in “/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/” with this code:

The commands that I got to work are as above. I learnt them as “RAW” with the harmony remote.

The code is to stop my chromecast from streaming and the is to rickroll myself on youtube. looks like this:

and looks like this:

To get the chromecast to stop casting I first have to tell it to start youtube and then I can close the youtube app