Is August DVB-T202 usb stick supported?


I’m looking to buy this August usb dvb-t202 stick. Just want to make sure it will work in OSMC before buying.

Did a search there was one post user says it wasnt offically support but still works.

Just want to make sure thanks :slight_smile:

We have no definitive list. If it’s the same chipset as the user in the other thread reported, then it probably still works.

Thats great thanks for info

@the_bo did you end up getting it?
Does it work?

Hi Joaquin

I didn’t purchase this stick in the end as I realized it wasn’t a HD stick but I believe it should work.

I ended up getting MyGica T230 instead as its HD and it works great.

Thanks for the quick reply!
They’re both similarly priced so I’m guessing that while where I am there are no DVB-T HD channels I’ll get the MyGica.